Plastic Surgery

This is a specialty that is dedicated to the reconstruction of body and facial defects due to trauma, burns, disease, or birth defects. We are dedicated to helping all our clients who come to us seeking to correct a dysfunctional part of their body. Our surgeons are board certified and registered in the state of Georgia.

Our main aim is to restore the normal function of skin and tissue while at the same time improving your physical appearance. We understand and appreciate the fact that surgery can significantly recover the confidence and self-esteem of our clients.

This procedure is used when:
• Removing abnormalities that have existed since birth including cleft palates, cleft lips, birthmarks, and webbed fingers.
• Body areas have been damaged after removing cancerous tissue from areas like the face or breast.
• Treating extensive burns and other serious injuries sustained after accidents.

The Main Techniques We Use

The main reconstructive techniques used in these procedures are:
• Skin Drafts: Part of healthy skin is removed from an area not affected. This skin is then used to replace damaged or lost skin.
• Skin flap surgery: In this technique, tissue is transferred from along with accompanying blood vessels keeping it alive.
• Tissue expansion: Tissue surrounding the affected area is stretched to allow it to grow. The extra skin is then used to reconstruct the affected area.
• Grafting (fat transfer): Fat is transferred from one area of the body to the affected area in order to correct unevenness.

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