Male Breast Reduction

This treatment reduces the size of overly large male breasts. This condition can be quite embarrassing to men and can significantly reduce their confidence. Reduction methods we use include liposuction, removing excess glandular tissue, or combining liposuction and excision. This procedure is relatively safe and corrects gynecomastia completely.

When to consider having Gynecomastia Treatment:
• If you rarely take off your shirt when in public.
• If you are looking to improve your body proportions.
• If you are psychologically disturbed by your overly large breasts.
• When looking to increase your overall social confidence.

How the Corrective Procedure is Carried Out

The type of surgical technique our surgeon will use is usually determined after examination and consultation. An intra-areola (Webster) incision is made along the bottom half of the areola’s circumference in order to remove excess fat. If you have severe gynecomastia, the surgeon may perform skin resection. If the gynecomastia is minimal, a pull-through technique is used to remove excess glandular and fat tissue. This minimally invasive technique requires smaller incisions and leaves minimal scarring.

Incisions and Scarring

Scars from gynecomastia surgery vary depending on how much breast tissue you have, or the elasticity of your skin. If you have small breasts with fat-only deposits, then your scars will be tiny. If your breasts are large and female-like, your incisions and subsequent scarring will extend across both sides of your chest. Firm breast tissue usually has a scar beneath the areola.

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