Liposuction surgery is done to sculpt your body by eliminating pockets of fat from the hips, buttocks, saddlebags, thighs, ankles, calves, love handles, breasts, arms, back, and neck. It is usually used alongside other cosmetic procedures. It is also safe and popular.

When to consider Liposuction:
• If you have fat deposits that are not proportionate with other parts of your body.
• If you want your body to be more defined or attain a sleek contour.
• If exercise has proven ineffective in getting rid of stubborn fat.
• If you feel that it will improve your sell-confidence.

How the Procedure is Carried Out

Liposuction essential removes fat from the body using suction. Cannula tubes (small, thin and blunt-tipped) are inserted into the body through small incisions in the skin. The surgeon then suctions fat by targeting deposits using the tubes. Below are the liposuction techniques we use:
• Tumescent liposuction: A local anesthetic is administered before the surgery that causes blood vessels to constrict. This allows the procedure to be carried out with minimal blood loss and postsurgical pain.
• Suction-assisted liposuction: Draws fat out using a vacuum.
• Power-assisted liposuction: Uses vacuum to draw out fat and has an additional tool that assists motion.
• Ultrasound-assisted liposuction: Uses a handheld tool to transmit energy that loosens and melts fat. This allows the fat to be easily suctioned out.
• VASER: This ultrasonic cannula has several grooves that evenly disperse energy causing fat disruption to ease its removal.
• Laser-assisted liposuction: This is a new technology that works much like the ultrasound-assisted procedure. It is less traumatic and more efficient.

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