Breast Lift (Mastopexy)

A breast lift surgery is done to address uneven and sagging breasts, decreased volume, stretched areolas, and drooping nipples. It re-creates a youthful shape by lifting up your breasts. Other benefits of this procedure include improved breast symmetry and projection.

When to Consider Doing a Mastopexy

This procedure is recommended if pregnancy, gravity, nursing, normal aging, weight loss, and heredity have affected the shape of your breasts causing sagging. It is also recommended if you think that implants alone are not enough to achieve the shape and contour you desire.

Reasons for having this surgery include:
• If your breasts have a pendulous shape but have adequate size.
• If your breasts lack firmness or substance.
• If your areolas and nipples point downward or are positioned below your breast crease.
• If your breasts are not equally sized.
• If your breasts have sagged after childbirth or breast-feeding.

How the Procedure is Carried Out

This surgery is performed under intravenous sedation or general anesthesia. Our surgeons will select a suitable technique based on factors like your preferences, breast shape and size, position of the areola, degree of sagging, skin elasticity, and the amount of extra skin present.

During the procedure, the surgeon removes all the excess skin present and shifts the areola and nipple higher. If the areola is stretched, it is reduced. After this, the surgeon tightens the skin, closes the incisions, and sews back the breast. The areolas and nipples remain attached to the underlying mounds of tissue. This allows for breastfeeding and preserves sensation.

While incision lines are permanent, they eventually tend to fade away with time. We appreciate the fact that you do not want visible incision scars to characterize your breasts. Therefore, fine suture techniques are used to minimize scarring.

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