Breast Implants

Breast implants are used in augmentation surgeries to make the breasts appear bigger and fuller. They are also used during revision surgeries (to improve or correct the result of a previous surgery), or in reconstructive procedures after physical-altering surgeries like mastectomies.

Before having surgery, our surgeons will meet you for a medical evaluation. They may also ask you to discontinue certain medications for a given period before your surgery. Furthermore, all surgeries are done under general anesthesia.

The implant options we use include the following:
• Saline-filled implants: These are filled with safe and sterile salt water. This means that even if the implants burst, the salt water does not have adverse side effects in the body. These implants may be filled at the point of surgery especially when the surgeon needs to make minor modifications in terms of size, or prefilled before the surgery.

• Silicone-filled implants: These are filled with elastic and soft gel. They are available in several shapes to suit the different preferences of people. These implants are usually pre-filled before the surgery and often require longer incisions for placement.

• Cohesive gel implants (silicone): These are filled with a safe, cohesive gel that has been cross-linked with silicone molecules. These implants are firmer compared to silicone implants. They are also able to retain their shape.

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